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These exclusive and newly invented pet products are available from no other manufacturer. These products can only be purchased from us or our approved retailers and distributors. If your tired of being offered the same old products that are being sold everywhere and if your business needs innovative fresh products then please talk with us, we would love to work with you.


Unlike most ball throwers Throbizz™ is the only ball launcher to pick up many size and shape balls. It has a granted patent due to its unique flexible fingers and anti-lofting design. Throbizz™ launches balls forward and further. All our pet balls (except Super Glow - tough TPR) are made from strong, chew-safe, non-toxic natural rubber. This makes them tough enough for chew-loving breeds, like Staffies. The great thing is - all our balls are compatible with our Thrower. Throbizz is a registered trademark has a granted patent.