Our fourth product came about by necessity. Our fussy West Highland Terrier, Mackie, was always a fast eater and suffered from a little bit of bloat. We had tried different Slow Feeders but they generally made him anxious and frustrated as he tried to make his way through the maze. By now, we were true believers in reducing anxiety and were looking for better solutions, not to mention that we also found it hard to clean the maze style bowls.

Our lightbulb moment came when our Chief Designer, no less, dropped some dry dog food on the floor and watched in amazement how the dog proceeded to slowly eat the food. She got to work designing a stylish feeder, now in the shape of a bone, with small pockets to easily spread the dry dog food, and a simple dimple indentation to stop dogs from trying to grab food out of more than one pocket at a time. The fact that unlike the maze, the dog could see all the food and reach it easily, helped him eat with reduced anxiety. By adding small bumps to the top of the indentation, our design allows you to simply shake the bowl and the kibble will drop evenly into the pockets, making is simple to feed and simple to clean.

The popular slodog® is available in five different colours to suit any home's colour scheme.