OH Bowl® for Dogs

Our journey started with the OH Bowl®. We were working with two vets trying to design a product to improve the Oral Hygiene (hence OH) of our dog. The portion of vet costs associated with dental work had been increasing for lots of reasons and was a serious health issue that needed to be addressed. We worked on two principles: stimulating the tongue to produce more saliva that in turn leads to healthier teeth and gums; and scraping the tongue to reduce odor-causing bacteria. The solution is the similar humans when your dentist tells you to scrape your tongue using the back of your toothbrush or with a tongue scraper, but you forget to do so most of the time. No forgetting with OH Bowl® as the tongue is naturally scraped at the end of every meal.

Our idea was to integrate the tongue scraping and increased saliva production into a daily routine without requiring extra effort from the pet guardian. We settled on some designs to make a feeding bowl using rubber and a directional flow to get the desired outcome. We overcame the problem of getting the dog’s tongue to travel over the scraping faces correctly by using raised guides that force the tongue to travel in one direction. Testing using a transparent OH Bowl® shows how far the tongue will stretch at the end of a meal across the bowl. The first prototypes of the OH Bowl® were a big success and we launched into production with a medium and large size for dogs. We designed the product to be dishwasher safe and easy to manage. Over time, we added a small size and added more colours. We have OH Bowl®s that have lasted more than 3 years of daily use, although we note that the rubber scrapers will wear down with use, which is what you want to see.

The most popular OH Bowl® for dogs are made in Medium and Large sizes and come in five different colours to suit any home's colour scheme. Our latest addition, small OH Bowl® for dogs, is currently only available in green.