We design. We create. We innovate.

Innovative Pet Products is an Australian company that brings you an innovative range of quality goods for pets. We are passionate about pet’s health, play and fitness, so we created a variety of unique pet accessories and products to fit into every stage of a cat or dog’s life.

Our principle products are either patented or patent application are in progress. This means all of our products are original inventions and designs. We offer you unique new, freshly invented pet products not offered by any other organisation. From our revolutionary slow feeders, our unique cat hairball removing bowls, our oral and dental health pet bowls, through to the most versatile ball thrower in the world; we guarantee that you and your customers will love our unique, premium products.

With sales in Australia, USA, China, Japan, Germany and the UK, our brand is known for quality and innovation. We insist that every pet accessory that we wholesale is made using the absolute highest quality materials available, and constructed with the best manufacturing techniques. For example, our rubber balls are made from pure, non-toxic, natural rubber.

This makes them tough and durable, suitable for puppies right through to large dogs. Our balls are tough enough for chew-loving breeds like Staffies. We do not use filling compounds with our rubber, like many other pet balls on the market. Even our pet bowls, slow feeders and boredom busters are made from human food grade plastics and silicone, making them non-toxic, safe and compliant for sale in all countries.