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Those balls are brilliant!

Our German Shepherd has had one for about 2 years now and still not a mark on it (and he chews it on the return every time)… best value for money!

- Nikki Baker via FB, , Australia

I love this dog dish!

My German Sherpherd used to eat his food too fast and end up gagging and choking on it. This dish has caused him to slow down and he no longer chokes! Wished they made it in a smaller size for my toy dogs.

- Doglover via Amazon, , USA

bone dog bowl

Works great!

After ordering quite a few of the "slow feeder" bowls, I have finally found the perfect one. I was a bit skeptical at first, I thought there was no way this is going to slow her down, but sure enough, it works perfect for my pup. There is no more gagging and heaving up dog food! Highly recommend!

- BiggTimDogg, , USA

 bone shape dog plate
Slodog Review

Had this for 4 days now. It's really good for my bulldog who used to gulp her food down very quickly. She would take in a lot of air. With this slofeeder she takes a lot longer to eat her food. It really works and she seems to like it. Great buy.

- plimlock7 via Amazon, , United Kingdom

bone shape dog plate

A great alternative to a standard food bowl

A great alternative to a standard food bowl - initially slowed my dog down quite a lot, although he's perfected the technique now and is getting speedier at mealtimes again! I use this with complete raw minces and a biscuit mixer, which works really well. Easy to wash too!

- Siany, , USA



Can’t recommend enough

Can’t recommend enough. Ordered one for a family members dog, had to order two more for mine. I’m already sending the link to other dog friends.

- Emma Chavagnon, , United Kingdom


What a fantastic idea!

I feed my boys raw and this allows them to slow their rating right down whilst giving them a bit of enrichment.

- Miss Lakota Schultz, , USA

soother green

Keeps them entertained

I just purchased this mat, I layer the mat with peanut paste, my dog licks the mat until every bit is gone. Great boredom buster.

- George, , Australia

treat builder for pets

Works really wellI purchased this matt- its fantastic. Just spend some time spreading the paste onto the matt, and you pet will love it for hours. Simply the best.

- Glen M, , Australia


He loves it!

These are great, even for putting down dog biscuits so my doggy eats slower. But he LOVES licking the vegemite out of the corners, relaxes my Jack russell so much he falls asleep afterwards! Very cool.

- Manda, , Australia

Could be bigger

I found the product/ Matt should be bigger. It still works but a bigger matt i feel would be ideal.

(Response: Thank you for the feedback. We have listened to you. We have just released a larger size that is double the surface area!)

- Jamie Smith, , Australia

A really good price

It is a really good price and keeps my dog from getting bored.

- Tony G via RSPCA World for Pets, , Australia


Just want to thank you

Hello. I just want to thank you so much for creating such an innovative and useful product. I am a dog trainer in Los Angeles, Ca. I have recommended the LickiMat to dozens of my clients since discovering the product a few weeks ago. My clients and their dogs are very happy. The LickiMat keeps my dogs occupied for at least 30 to 40 minutes. It also helps some of my furry students who have a licking habit. Thanks again!

- S. Rowland, Los Angeles, USA