Throbizz® Ball Thrower

The world’s most versatile pet ball launcher. Unlike most ball throwers Throbizz™ is the only ball launcher to pick up any size ball, any textures and many quirky shapes. With its unique flexible fingered and anti-lofting design, Throbizz™ launches forward and further instead of (like most throwers) skyward then forward losing velocity and distance.

The long handle allows hands-free throwing and easy pickup and avoids touching slobber covered ball. Extra-long handle to avoid excessive bending and to assist in distance throwing. Ergonomically designed handle with soft rubber comfort grip means comfortable use until your dog get tired. Unbreakable spring design allowing versatile picking up of different shape and size balls, not just tennis balls. One thrower can throw a small ball, medium ball, larger ball and unusual shaped objects. No other product on the market offers this flexibility of use.

Throbizz™ Ball Thrower pack comes standard with a premium 60mm tennis ball. Our range of rubber balls and toys from the Throbizz™ family are compatible with the Throbizz™ Thrower. Collect the ball range throughout the dog’s life, but you will only every need one ball thrower.


  • Suitable for play with puppies and all size dogs. Can be used for underarm or overarm throwing
  • Compatible balls available in various shapes and sizes for all size dogs and puppies
  • Length 61cm/24”
  • Made from food grade PET and soft fused TPR rubber handle grip. No glues or adhesives used
  • Currently going through patent application