Video – How Oh Bowl Works

Dogs love licking. Luckily they do as we can capitalise on this natural instinct and get them to clean their tongue. Easier than brushing their teeth and sometimes better than giving them another dental chew which often aren't really efficacious. Most bacteria sits on the tongue and lot of this gunk emits bad odours and adds to that yucky doggy breath smell. The OH Bowl with its mini scrapers in the bottom of the bowl are designed to allow bits of food to get trapped to encourage licking after every meal eaten out of the bowl. The licking action means the tongue makes contact with the little scrapers cleaning it. At the same time the licking action stimulates saliva which helps sloosh the teeth and gums off food particles and also aid digestion.

The Oh Bowl can help reduce dental decay and gum disease, saving pet owners a lot of money. Use the Oh Bowl everyday until your pet's next dental check up.  A daily dental care that fits into your busy life!

My dog loves his Oh Bowl and would lick it smooth if he could. We got a special clear prototype of the OH Bowl made to do this experiment. We wanted to see how the dog's tongue engages with the bowl's surface to check how effective it is.

For this test I used one of Mackie's favourite foods - tinned sardines. He actually licked for almost 3 minutes but I cut the video short so you wouldn't get bored.

Enjoy the show and send any videos of your dogs using our products.