A Very Versatile Ball Thrower

Following the launch of Throbizz with its exciting collection of compatible pet balls, these new products will be available shortly from good retailers worldwide.  Unlike most ball throwers Throbizz™ is the only ball launcher for dogs to pick up any size ball, any textures and many quirky shapes. With its unique flexible fingered and anti-lofting design, Throbizz™ launches forward and further instead of (like most throwers) skyward then forward losing velocity and distance.

ball throwers in packaging3 ball throwers with dog balls


Interaction with your pet is so important to you and the health of your. I know if I didn't own a dog I wouldn't go out and exercise anywhere near as much as I do now. And it's fun! Throbizz is designed around the three Fs - Fitness Fun Friendship. Dogs are beneficial to us too keeping us fit, they get us enjoying the great outdoors and we end up socialising with other dog owners in the community. The whole concept of Throbizz is that it is a game centre, not just a ball thrower. Buy different dog balls for night play, swimming or just plain old fetch, but for this you will only ever need one ball thrower.

The range of balls consists of many designs and functions such as Puppy Treat ball, Super Glow,  Star Struck Erratic ball, and novelty toys such as Sports Pig and Robot Chicken.  We even have a clever range of double packs for puppies, active dogs, big dogs and day and night play. There's a ball for every breed and size dogs.  Our balls are made from 65% rubber (except Super-Glow), which in layman's terms means they're non-toxic and really tough. Give our balls to a Staffy and they won't get through it.

throbizz balls in packsThrobizz twin ball pack group

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