Video – Slodog Feeder

Gulping down food in people is just bad manners, but for dogs it can lead to serious health problems. Many medical issues from guzzling food quickly vary from minor complaints like stomach ache, indigestion and excess gas, to more serious ones like vomiting and life-threatening gastric bloat.

Slodog came about when our old dog used to get severe bloat from eating all his food in 30 seconds. He would walk around the house crying and I would have to put him over my shoulder and burp him like a baby. One day I accidentally dropped his kibble on the floor and he rushed over to eat it. It was a Eureka moment when I saw he could not eat many pieces at once.

After that I bought a tray to use as his new dog bowl and set about spreading dry food over the surface, but that was so annoying. By the time I placed it on the floor all the food shifted and I would have to start again. A better design would be to have small pockets over the surface for the food to sit in and create little portions to eat from. And that was how Slodog was born.

Slodog is specially designed for relaxed no-stress feed time for dogs. Our sympathetic plate design allows your dog to enjoy meal times and to access food without annoying lumps and obstructions. Traditional no-gulp bowls can often make your pet frustrated and lead to them to tip the bowl over to get to food quickly. Slodog is also easier to clean and dishwasher safe.

So slow your dog's feeding time from seconds to many minutes. Works best with dry food. Maximum serve: 2 cups/16oz/500ml.