Puppy Proof Your Home

A lot of people get a new puppy around Christmas. It’s a holiday when they can take a bit more time off work and settle puppy into his new home. Get ready by sorting the house out before the new pup arrives. Here's a few simple tips I can pass on from  my own experience.

Put away cleaning products

Take extra care in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. Keep any chemicals safely behind closed doors of a cupboard or high and out of reach, things like cleaning products, soap powders and shampoos. Your pup may just ignore them but better to be safe than sorry.

Remove rugs until your puppy is house trained

You can’t do much about fitted carpet, but if you have any rugs roll them away until puppy is fully house-trained. It is OK to have no-go zones.  I kept my pup out of one room which had carpet by keeping the door closed. The rest of the house is tiled and I didn't bring the rug back out for a few weeks.


Don't want shoes chewed?

Puppies love to chew so put away anything you don’t want destroyed. Keep shoes in the bedroom or closet with door closed. I once came home to find a new pair of unworn sandals totally destroyed. Children's toy, for example, can be put in a tote with lid or kept high. Some things can be really harmful if swallowed, so keep jewellery and fishing tackle well out of reach!

Pool Safety

Make sure your puppy can’t access the pool. Even though they may be able to swim, they may not be able to get out. A friend saved her neighbour’s dog from drowning. She heard a whimpering, looked over the fence and saw the dog had fallen in but was too small to get out. Poor thing was exhausted swimming round in circles, probably for hours.

puppy with toy

Create a puppy zone

My dog has had his own ‘safe space’ since he’s was a pup which is the laundry. Provide a comfortable bed, water bowl and engaging toys, like treat-friendly balls. It's also handy to have a space like this for when puppy needs some undisturbed sleep from the kids, or when you have trade workers around and you need to keep him or her safely away while work is being done in the home.

Make sure the yard is secure

Puppies can be very small and so gaps under fences and in between palings can be big enough for them to slip through. It's amazing what a small puppy can squeeze through! Get everyone to make sure that gates are kept closed. Invest in those cheap stick on 'PLEASE SHUT GATE' signs.

Enjoy your new puppy! They are lots of fun to have around the house. Please send in photos and tell us a bit about them. We'd love to heard from you.